Materials Library Setup
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The Materials Library is where we define the materials that will be used for various jobs. You may

edit, delete and modify materials here.

For first time users its recommended to review the sample libraries provided. In this way you may use

the sample data as guide. This allows you to see the formatting of the data. Try to keep the amount of

text you add to the text boxes as short as possible. Long descriptions of parts may cause problems

when the grid is printed. Your printed grid data may end up being wider then a page. See Printing for

more details


This example will deal with the creation of a New Material.

1 To start, click the Define New Materials button..

2 Select from the list: Front. Note these steps must be repeated for Bottom and Box Parts.

3 Select the Material Type: Solid or Sheet.

4 Based on your selection in step 3. A group of text boxes is shown. Enter the necessary data here.

5. Repeat the above actions starting with step 2. Now select Bottom. select materiel type and continue to step 4.

Repeat step 5, but now select Box Parts which is the final component.

Your almost done: At the bottom of the form: enter a name for the new material and then click Save.

Editing Materials

Editing a material is achieved by clicking on the list of existing materials.The current material is always

shown in blue. Now click, Edit Selected Material.

Follow the same steps that were used to define a new material. Just start with step 2 through 5.

Note: In this version of DrawerCut providing a new name for a edited material is not possible.If you find

it necessary to re-name the material. It is recommended to define a new material.