Grid Features
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The grid is where all the parts of the drawers are listed. The grid can be printed to use in the shop. You can export the data from the 

grid in CSV format. Programs such as Microsoft Excel and CSVed can import this type of data. You may sort the data to suite 

your special requirements. You may colorize the rows of the grid. Making it easier to be certain your reading the correct row.  

In the event, you enter the wrong data in the grid. Clicking on the Delete Task will remove one group of drawer parts. Also, a complete 

delete of all the grid data can be achieved by clicking Clear Grid.

Parts of the Grid

Sort Grid

The grid can be sorted by selecting one of the small arrows located in the header cells. Clicking the arrow will cause the grid rows to sort based

on the selected column, in ascending order and descending order. The form called Sort Grid does much the same as the arrows in the header cell.

It can do a multiple column sorts. The Sort Grid can also remove any sorting of the grid. Basically reverting the grid to the original unsorted format.

Do this by clicking: None


Materials Totals

The Materials Total grid shows the parts grouped by material type i.e. Sold Wood or Sheet Stock. The grouping is continued for the part by Width.

This grouping will provide you with the total lineal footage in inches for a part. Included is the lineal footage for the part and its board footage price.

In the second grid : Material Grand Totals. This section provides a list of all materials for the current job.

Export Grid

Click the Export Grid button and a new form becomes visible. Enter a File name and click Save. Programs such as Microsoft Excel and CSVed

can import this type of data.

Clear Grid

As the name implies this option clears all data from the grid. This is useful if at the beginning of data entry you made a mistake.

Delete Task

This option allows you to delete one set of drawer parts from the grid. Again this is provided in the event parts were entered incorrectly. 

Please note: The delete task removes a single drawer group starting from the bottom of the grid.

Grid Colors 

This option allows you to color alternating rows within the grid. This is provided to enhance the readability of the listed parts and minimize data entry errors.