CabDraw - Drawer Designer
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CabDraw allows the cabinetmaker to design drawer units to custom specifications.

1. Select the Numeral Notation: fractions, decimals or millimeters.

2. Enter the Cabinets Dimensions overall size : width and height. Click Apply.

3. Drawer Dimensions: Clearances and Sizes, is the location to edit the stiles and rails of

the cabinet.

4.Clicking on the drawer box itself selects that drawer opening. When selected the color of

the drawer is darker then a unselected drawer. At this point, you may edit the various text boxes.

The top drawer in this example shows the number five. This is the height of the drawer.

Now notice the section: Drawer Dimensions: Clearances and Sizes. The height of the selected

drawer has a corresponding text box. At the moment the value is 5. You may change this value.

5.Adding more drawers to the cabinet: This section is the heart of the application. At this point

you may split a single drawer into two equal drawers. In this example, click on the bottom drawer.

Click Split Drawer. The program now asks for a size of the rail. Enter your rail size and click


Below we have the newly added drawer boxes.

Step 5 can be repeated to add additional drawers. It should be noted when drawers are added, the clearances

for those drawers may unintentionally change. It is recommended once the cabinet is divided into its final form.

That a review of all clearances is made.This bug will be corrected in subsequent versions.

Once you have added all the drawers to the cabinet You may again customize the heights any of the cabinets

openings. You may drag the rail up or down via the mouse. As a second method of edit you may change

the drawers text box value.

Its recommended to create a backup of CabDraw project files. In this way if a new project is required making use

of a saved project. Could eliminate a total revision of the cabinet.