DIY Woodworking Machines


Combination wide-belt sand and planer

I am Barry Golash the owner of Wood Solutions. I have very eclectic interests, one of which is designing our shop equipment. I have enjoyed this type of homespun engineering for the past twenty years. This project required 18 months of part-time work and $5000 to complete.

 This shop-built machine has proven to be very affordable, commercially available machines cost approximately $45,000. In addition, by designing two machines, which share a common footprint valuable floor space was saved.

 This machine is constructed using structural steel tubing and 1/4 plate for the frame. The enclosure is composed of MDF and top-coated with an automotive paint. Three motors are used, one of which is a 1/4 hp variable speed DC gear motor. This motor supplies power to the conveyor belt, allowing feed speeds from zero to twenty feet a minute.

Standard automation technology is incorporated to orchestrate all machine functions. Belt tracking is accomplished with two photoelectric sensors, one air cylinder and a programmable logic controller. The planer has a twenty-inch cutter head, driven by a 3-hp motor. The pinch rollers for the planer receive their downward force via four air cylinders instead of the commonly used compression springs. This maintains constant pressure on the wood regardless of varying stock thickness. I believe this helps to minimize snipe and maintain uniform stock thickness. Also by using this arrangement the rollers and chip breaker are automatically retracted at sander start up allowing free access to the sander which is located on the out feed of the machine.

diy combination wide-belt sand and planer

CNC Router

diy cnc router made by Wood Solutions

Digital Fence for wood shaper

Digital Fence for wood shaper made by Wood Solutions