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We are in the prototyping phase for this product. We are currently doing testing to verify our design for real word applications. If you have suggestions for the development of this bearing block. Please send us a email.

We are in the process of setting up a shopping cart. We will be selling our software applications for the woodworker. New and used components for your DIY CNC build. Machinist tools will sometimes be available.


Bearing support blocks - Designed for 5/8 ball screws


Main Features

  • These blocks are a low profile design. The height is only 1.7
  • They include bolt holes for horizontal or vertical mounting
  • The main support block is supplied with double row angular contact bearings
  • The I.D main bearing is 12mm or .4724.  This size of bearing will allow end machining for a typical 5/8 diameter ball screw.
  • The secondary support block has a open design with no shoulder to allow for thermal expansion.
  • These blocks are sold in matched sets.

Source for ball nuts and ball screws

Recommeded source for ball nuts and ball screws-

I used nook for my build and the product produced very good dimensional repeatability.Nook XPS rolled ballscews are spec'd at .001 per foot lead. If available, I recommend the XPS series strongly.

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